Tips For Picking The Right International School In Bangkok To Teach

Looking for a teaching job in an international school in Bangkok? Working in Bangkok can be a great opportunity. How then do you identify a good international school that provides world class job opportunities for teachers? According to Thai land masti, these tips will help you identify the right international school.

Check the school’s accreditation

A good international school is accredited or is in the process of being accredited.  IB accredited schools go through the same strict standards so one can be sure they provide the same quality of education and organization.

Talk to the principal

If you are not able to visit the school in person, it would be best to hold an online call with the principal. This will help you find out about their school’s vision and what they expect of their learners.  It is also good to perform earlier research of the principal’s educational and experience background. A good international school has a highly qualified principal with years of experience.

Does the international school provide opportunities for career advancements?

Good international schools help their teachers grow professionally. Look for a school that provides exceptional support and continuously improves their teacher’s skills.  You want to leave every employer better than you started. If a school doesn’t invest in their teaching staff, the quality of education is subpar and their teachers will not be motivated.

Confirm whether the school is for profit or non-profit

For profit schools run like business, and there is nothing entirely wrong with that. However, the school is often accountable to shareholders and parents. On the other hand, non-profit schools will likely care more about their leaners and teachers.

Ask questions during your interview

When granted an interview, be inquisitive. You need to be sure you know exactly what you are signing up for. Never rely on school websites alone. They are nothing but marketing tools and the only things you will find are just the good things about the school. Have several questions such as; what can I expect in my first term? How can you help me settle in the first few months? Are there opportunities that can help me grow professionally?